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January 8, 2006
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Rave On by Nanuka Rave On by Nanuka
:headbang: YAR!

Originally I wanted to allow critique on this since it was some simple perspective practice, but to be honest, I'd rather learn on my own then have some one else ramble about their own techniques and whatnot. Yea, kinda dumb, but I'm happy with this outcome and plan to try some more too. ;3 My friends say that I've made a lil Trademark thing of my own, by taking the "rock on" symbol and having a glowstick in there. xD; Awesomeness. Cause I'm right inbetween being a raver and rocker. lol. This's the first time I've done the SP (semi-permanent) outfit for 'Nuka with traditional media and a non-Lummyn pic is weird. O_o;

Yea, that's about it. Just wanted the lineart off my page.

[Materials 1,3,4,5,6,7,8] <-- Plz Click here for list.
[Dimensions] 1 sheet of cardstock, 8inches x 4inches.
[Completion] 3hrs in one evening, fin'd Jan-6th-2006.
[Disclaimer] Images/'Nuka/design copyright NLT-03/06
Please DO NOT alter, edit, copy and/or redistribute! XP
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Very nice coloring~ I am so envious of how well you can blend all those colors together and get that nice gradient-y effect. Loving the bold outlines and you draw hands really well;. Perspective is rather nice too, and I like the drop-shadow.
i suck at all angle fore-shortening. wicked pic
Ah yes, perspective... always a bitch to any artist, I'd imagine. [[ There are a TON of artists littered all over dA who are just ridiculously talented with perspective -- A good reference approach to take too by the way is looking at photographs for general learning and testing. ]]

Nicely done, loving the thick borders, makes 'Nuka just pop out of the picture. ;0 Woo for the shiny hair, too, by the way. <3 *Sucker for shiny stuff.*

I realize the Critique Discouraged sign, but this is really small so hopefully you won't mind much: The folds at the knees. o-o Add just a little more going down to show emphasis for your above view, and voila. D

[[ P.S. - You have a very elegant style for hands and fingers... <3... ]]
mmm indeed Rave on, indeed
whats-going-on Jan 10, 2006   Digital Artist
woah my head would explode if i tried to do that perspective
madonnawayne Jan 9, 2006
Wow I'm jealous.
I so suck at perspective!
GorillaEye Jan 9, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
So cool! I love how the focal point is the hair, and eyes.
i have to say.... i love the persective....its very hard to draw something as accurately as you did from that view...

Good job!

oh yea...rock on ^^
Deafblood Jan 9, 2006
Wonderful perspective here, ya did well without any help, and the coloring is top-grade, as always. Nice glow effects,as well.
Wooh rave! I love rave music (techno trance w/e they wanna call it these days XD ). Nice work on the perspective. Sure its not perfect, but its still really good!
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